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We are a specialized provider of call center and customer care quality assurance for business enterprises, financial institutions and trading floors, government agencies and first responders. We empower organizations to proactively improve the customer experience, increase workforce performance, ensure compliance and align tactical and strategic objectives across the enterprise.

For any organization providing customer service via telephone to be successful, it is essential that it captures and evaluates how well call center agents adhere to internal policies and procedures and interact with customers in phone, email and chat communications. When quality monitoring programs are well designed and institutionalized, they yield great benefits for customers, enterprises, contact centers and agents. Put simply, the more invested in monitoring and coaching -- and the customer service quality assurance professionals that perform these critical activities -- the better the service provided to customers.

Regardless of the operation, all call center monitoring, or Quality Control departments must have, at the very least, the following factors in order to be effective:

  • Consistent monitoring performed by specialized staff,
  • Regular feedback sessions conducted face to face, and including the representative’s ability to listen to his/her calls so that behaviors are clearly identified,
  • Continuing product\service knowledge education and training of customer service representatives ,
  • Scoring guidelines that are regularly assessed for relevance and accuracy,
  • Involvement from operations and training personnel to keep the effort relevant and in line with the needs of the operation,
  • Regular calibrations sessions to ensure consistency and uniformity,
  • Customized areas of evaluation specifically tailored to the individual industry,
  • Measurable goals based on evaluation feedback to enable the improvement of customer service as a result of agent behavior change

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What is CSS all about?

Our team is made up of sales, business, marketing and legal professionals who specialize in evaluating call center/telephone and internet customer service to provide and implement a quality assurance program that provides reporting, feedback and sets specific performance goals and action plans. We specialize in all areas of phone and internet support, such as sales, customer service, IT support, technical support, hospitality and reservations etc. Almost all call centers have a quality assurance program, but many of these programs don't work. Our program is different because of the unique makeup of our team and the diverse multidisciplinary experience that we possess together with our profound understanding of sales, business and marketing concepts and trends.


I have used CSS to stay ahead of all of the challenges associated with being the leading retailer in professional imaging eqipment worldwide. CSS has not only learned my business and what it is our customers are striving for in terms of service but they have provided us with a cost effective solution as well.

I am proud to say that we actually have someone that is listening to a representative sampling of all calls and turning it into meaningful analysis that allows us to provide customers with the best service possible. Since contracting CSS, we have a customer approval rating better than 99% and this has allowed us to be successful despite the slumping economic business climate. Thank you CSS!

Joseph - - - - -, Director of Sales for - - - - - - - (largest retailer of professional imaging equipment in the world)