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What we do?

CSS takes your sales, customer service, IT support phone calls and evaluates the people that represent your company. We have a scoring formula which is customized to your business and reveals all of the facets of your interactions which need improvement. We provide you with analytic tools which provide your business with executive reports, yet they allow you to easily get right down to the call level. Our most unique product, is the Plan of Action Report we provide. The evaluation we provide serves as an indicator as to what needs to be addressed. However our Plan of Action Reports set up a plan which allows your managers to be more effective in driving the effort to improve. ¬†With CSS you not only evaluate your sales and customer service people, and their managers, you also have a company which is helping your managers be better managers. We empower your managers to be in the “know” and take action wisely. Our program is very focused and will improve your :

  • Customer Service Level
  • IT Department Efficiency and Performance
  • Employee Morale
  • Negative Trends within Your Business
  • Branding of Your Company as Customer-centric
  • Manager Time Management
  • Closing Ratio
  • Knowledge of Product or Procedures

Many companies try and take care of what CSS in house only to find out that their evaluations are flat and do not affect the changes that they expected. CSS gets results. We do not concentrate on thousands of specialties. We focus on one, evaluating your employees in a manner which you can spot and correct the issues which will make your company better. Talk to us and learn about what CSS can do for you.

No matter how big or small your company is, we can typically have a program running for your staff within two weeks. Know where it is you stand and strive to be the best. Let CSS partner with you and help grow your business. You can be better and we can help you. Give us a call today 1-888-317-3482