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We have been using the CSS services for the past 3 years. They over deliver and under promise. CSS has allowed us to spot negative trends immediately. Furthermore, their Plan of Action Reports help our management staff solve problems, counsel employees, and use their time more wisely, therefore making them more effective. We used to do this ourselves until we realized that our efforts just didn’t move the needle. That’s when we went with CSS and we are glad we did.  We are proud to be the best at what we do and we are glad we hired the best at what they do; CSS!


Yossi F—- Director of Sales ——- and Electronics


We had problems finding a company that could understand our business. We deal with Government and Non Profit Organizations and there is a lot to know. We have a policy manual but there is so much that extends beyond what is in the manual. CSS learned the intricacies of our business in no time. We used to spend the majority of our day solving disputes between employees and managers. With the CSS program that we have implemented, those days are over. Our managers have precise irrefutable information to go over with their employees and a plan with which to approach their subordinates.  I highly recommend CSS to any organization that truly feels that its success is primarily built around their customer service.

Isidore Fried ———- Gov. Sales Department